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bd’s Sends Care Packages To Seal Team 6 In Iraq

May 28, 2015

bd’s Annual Workshop 2015 was held in San Diego, California

Community is a Core Value and during our annual workshop we had a unique opportunity to prove that. Following in our military-inspired theme we coordinated sending 7 truly awesome care packages to American soldiers who are currently serving overseas. The United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group is often recognized by its former name Seal Team 6. These soldiers truly personify our mantra ‘Unify, Commit, Repeat’ and they are entrusted with some of the most significant special operation missions in Counter-Terrorism units.

Together as one unified team, we contributed to care packages- gifts to express our gratitude for everything these soldiers do. We included highly requested items such as iPods, good socks, batteries and calling cards, but we also sent items that have more personal significance. General Managers, franchise owners, vendor partners and members from bd’s corporate team all added items that represented their home town in some way. These items served as a reminder of the many towns and communities these soldiers are working so hard to protect.

Several weeks after bd’s received the following correspondence from the recipients:

“Wanted to say thanks for the packages that were sent to us from your locations in the Midwest. I am a Navy SEAL serving in Iraq and my Team here recieved generous gifts from your restaurants. Just wanted to say thank you from all of us here. We really appreciated the thoughtfulness. Thanks again for all you have done for us. A little about the team here, we are all from San Diego, CA when not deployed…

Our team is currently in Iraq and will be here for another 5-6 months. For many of us this is a return deployment and it is interesting to see the changes over the years. Anyhow, thank you for the support you give. From the guys here… Thank You so much for the time and effort put into sending us these care packages.”

bd’s also helped the White Knights Squadron raise over $1,500 dollars by using their “bd’s Squadron Bucks” to purchase Miramar and White Knight Squadron memorabilia.

All the proceeds from our purchases will help the White Knight Squadron pay for their Marines Corps’ Birthday Ball. Each year the Marines Corps celebrates its birthday and it is a truly special and timeless tradition for Marines, their families and significant others.

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